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Paloma Gas Geysers

A World Leader in Gas Appliances

Established in 1911, Paloma began as a private manufacturing company pioneering gas appliances in Japan. Today, the Paloma Group is the world’s leading producer of gas and hot water appliances with products spanning over 20 countries across all continents. Paloma products are used globally for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes.

Safety and Development

Paloma takes prides in achieving the highest level of safety engineering in the gas appliance industry. Paloma customises and certifies each of its products to the highest safety standards as required by individual countries supplied.  Paloma’s substantial annual investment into research & development ensures continual improvements in efficiency and safety are class leading, giving you the best and most reliable technology available in the world.

Integrity & Effort

We work together with our clients in a spirit of integrity, fairness & partnership and guarantee continuity & stability in our business. This means we keep our promises and will not be content with the way things are, continually finding ways to improve innovate and add value to the products we manufacture.

Paloma Gas returns to South Africa providing cutting edge energy efficient products to a market that requires cost savings, reliability and peace of mind.  Unlike all other brands, Paloma Engineers have studied the South African climate, water quality and varying altitude demands to produce custom designed gas water heaters for the varying South African marketplace.  This will ensure the highest efficiency levels and best product quality demands are met across the country.

Paloma’s mission: People-friendly ‘reliant’ technology