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16L Dewhot Outdoor Constant Temperature Gas Geyser


16L Dewhot Outdoor Constant Temperature Gas Geyser

R 7,400.00

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The 16 liter DewHot Low Constant Temperature Gas Geyser controls itself by adjusting the water flow and the flame itself to ensure you always get the constant temperature you require. The features of the geyser is as follow:
  • Domestic constant temperature unit with natural exhaust
  • Automatic water flow/gas linked ignition
  • Automatic pulse ignition from one “D” cell torch battery
  • Aluminum coated front panel LCD control panel to set desired water temperature
  • Automatic flame height/water flow control
  • Constant temperature with varying water flow
  • Can mix with cold water Water pressure 0.3 -5 bar

Technical Specifications:

  • Hot water output delta 25°C
  • Rated input (kw): 32
  • Rated output (kw): 28.8
  • Gas Consumption (kg/hr): 2.3
  • Water flow min (l/hr): 240
  • Water flow max (l/hr): 960
  • Flue diameter: 128 mm
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 400 x 730 x 220

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