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Cold Factor

Cold Factor CC is a leading Company in the manufacturing of 3-way (Gas / Paraffin, Electric and 12V) absorption fridge / freezers.

Cold Factor CC was established in the year of 2008 and has since then grown every year. Not only have we grown our factory in size and staff, but also our product range, delivery range, quality control and the drive to produce the best quality product that we can.

Marinus De Kok, current owner and initiator of the business has more than 40 years experience in the industry…some might say he is a little obsessed. For the past 9 years Marinus has been building Cold Factor CC, constantly designing, developing and implementing new and improved absorption units to compete with the best out there. His passion and extensive knowledge of the absorption industry has made Cold Factor what it is today.

Cold Factor CC is constantly striving to improve and develop our manufacturing systems to ensure we stay on top of the market and deliver the best absorption unit with a bit of sexy with it. From top of the range stainless steel cooler boxes too paraffin units, you are bound to find something.

What makes us different from the rest? We value our clients, big or small, you count to us! We encourage our clients to interact with us and give us opinions.

Interesting Facts
Your Household freezer:

  • Has 75mm foam insulation which increases your cold hold over time when not switched
    on compared to other freezers
  • Has no moving parts inside the absorption system which makes repair and maintenance
  • Is level sensitive hence proper levelling must be done when stationary
  • Is proudly manufactured in South Africa
  • Is capable of freezing 2 kg of water in 24 hours while keeping everything else frozen
  • Is equipped with a gas safety valve which will cut the gas flow to the burner in less than 60 seconds in the event of the burner flame going out
  • Will only use between 500 - 600g of gas per 24 hours. A 9 kg gas bottle will last you approximately 18 - 21 days
  • Gas function is ideal for those unforeseen black outs at home
  • Is capable of freezing to 44⁰C below ambient
    • Example:
      • -12⁰C @ 32⁰C
      • -20⁰C @ 20⁰C