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Gas geysers vs Electric geysers

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Gas Geysers VS Electric Geysers


  • Electricity is the most widely available energy source and can run all household appliances, but is rapidly becoming an increasingly more expensive and unreliable source of energy in South Africa.
  • LP Gas is less expensive than electricity and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It is frequently used for heating water and room heating. Gas appliances are generally very energy efficient and cost far less to run than electrical appliances. Gas appliances will pay for themselves in electrical savings, in a relatively short space of time.

Some major differences between gas geysers and electric geysers:



Lower running cost, as the geyser only heats up the water you use and not the whole tank, which means you don’t waste water while waiting with an open tap.

Higher running Cost, as the geyser needs to keep the whole tank warm, which takes longer and you wait longer for water to be heated while having the tap open.

Tankless, which means water is heated instantly on demand through the heat exchanger.

Has a tank, which needs to kept warm continuously.

More convenient under power outage, as it doesn’t need electricity to ignite.

Less convenient under power outage as it needs between 220V-240V to operate.

Hot water does not run out as its heated on demand through the unit and not stored.

Can run out of hot water. When tank is empty, the water needs to be reheated.

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