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Different types of Space Heating using LP Gas

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Space heating (heating up a cordoned off space) is an area where gas truly shines as a fuel source, especially in a domestic setting.

  • Fireplaces

    Because they are permanent (or sometimes semi-permanent) fixtures, fireplace aesthetics are a serious consideration for homeowners. As a result a large range of possible solutions have become popular.We like to categorize them into four main distinct classifications:

    • Drop In - heating grates that fit into a cavity dug-out. The grates are usually flush with the surface they are dropped into.

    • Built in - Traditional fireplace solution to replace the old wooden hearth. These units are built into a cavity that is constructed for them during the building stage. These units are a most popular option during the design phase of home construction as retro-fitting these units is not terribly easy. Available also in a dual stylus option so the fireplace can be shared between two adjacent rooms in the house.

    • Free Standing - The most popular option for retrofitting into a room that does not have a dedicated cavity for a built-in heater. Free standing units have their own fire-box which contains the gas heating grate. They are vented units where the exhaust fumes are piped to outside.


    • Conversion Grates - These grates are designed to enable the easy conversion of an existing steel or brick fireplace into a flue-less gas fire. If you have an open wood or anthracite burning fire it is as simple as sealing up the chimney opening to prevent heat loss up the chimney, running gas to the fire and connecting up a flue-less grate.

*All gas fireplaces needs to be installed by a certified gas installer


  • Heaters
      In essence there are three distinct types of portable gas heaters:
    • Roll about - or 3 panel heaters are the most popular indoor gas heaters. They are built on casters, the bottle fits inside the belly of the unit, and the whole unit can be rolled about from room to room inside the house. Each of the panels work independently allowing 3 different heating modes.

    • Patio - Outdoor heaters have become hugely popular in South Africa both at home and in many restaurants and pubs. Originally restricted to the "mushroom heater" today there is a massive range available suited to any purpose you could imagine for space heating.

    • On Bottle - or camping heaters. These units are generally used for heating smaller areas or where portability is a significant constraint.

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