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5 Reasons to warm up your home with a Flue-less fireplace

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  1. Clean Heat
    Flue-less Gas Fires burn gas very cleanly and with low emissions enabling the appliance to operate without a chimney, giving full benefit from the gas being consumed in terms of usable heat. When this grate is switched off, there is no open chimney losing the warm air from the room.
  2. Cost Efficiency
    This removes the expense, time and space losses of building a brick chimney for new installations, leaving more space in your home and more money in your pocket.
  3. Heat at the flick of a switch.
    Flue-less gas fires provide near instantaneous heat, warming your room quietly and efficiently from the moment you switch the grate on. 
  4. Clueless? Go Flue-Less
    Swop your existing flued gas fire to a flue-less. If you have an existing flued gas fire, you are probably reluctant to switch it on. With the considerable heat losses up the open chimney, running a flued gas fire will set you back about R5 per kwhr produced. About triple the price of electricity. It is generally quite simple to change your inefficient flued gas grate for a high efficiency flue-less unit. This will give you 3 times the heat from your gas bill, or enable you have the same heat but to cut back considerably on your gas expenses.
  5. Peaceful Feel
    The flame effect on all flue-less gas grates offer great visual appeal. Turn down the lights at night and enjoy the tranquil visuals from the flue-less grates.

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